home alone

That was the idea, anyhow. Gerald's in Alabama for two weeks, visiting his family. The boys are in camp during the day. (A town-sponsored program at their elementary school. Six weeks, six hours a day. Total cost for the program? $23/kid. Yes, that's correct. Less than $1 a day. Have I mentioned how much I like living in Rochester?) So I was going to have plenty of uninterrupted work time while Gerald was gone--during the day, and after the kids went to bed.

Ha. Ha ha. Or, as a mailing list friend used to say, bwahahaha. (I am reminded of the old line "Man makes plans, and God laughs.")

The six-year-old has a stomach bug, so I'm home with him rather than at the office getting grant work done. I suppose I could work here, but it's hard to concentrate with the constant refrains of "Mom, can I have some more Gatorade," "Mom, where's the remote," and "Mom, I think I'd like some toast after all."

And the nine-year-old is suffering from insomnia, so he wasn't asleep until nearly midnight last night.

So much for all the quality private time I was about to get. :)

Gerald...I miss you already!

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