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NSF Award Abstract - #0305973
ITWF: Understanding Gendered Attrition in Departments of Information Technology

And as my husband points out, the only thing better than seeing your name in an official NSF award notice is seeing it while you listen to Allison Krauss singing on Austin City Limits. Damn, that woman can sing. (Oh, man. That's going to trigger the filtering software again, isn't it?)


Will there be any attempt (perhaps via future research) to compare this attrition to that in other disciplines with a strong IT component? I would suggest that library-science IT tracks might turn out to be a useful comparison.

W00t! You go, Liz!

Dorothea, yes. In fact, I was talking about this with folks at ALA. Once we've got the initial research done, extending the questionnaire to other academic contexts for purposes of comparison is an obvious next step. (Particularly as more LIS programs develop undergraduate components, since this research is focused on undergraduate work.)

One thing that's clear from all the attrition research on graduate programs is that there are huge differences by field of study. That's why it's so easy to justify this research into IT, despite the excellent work that's already been done on women in CS.

And AKMA...thanks. :)

Congrats, Liz, that's wonderful! I look forward to seeing how the project develops. I'd be happy to comment on any survey instruments you develop and can't wait to see the results (I realize we'll have to wait a bit for those:).

E X C E L L E N T ! ! ! !

Wow. A bit of a grant. And the excellent tunes of Ms. Kraus... very excited for you liz. we'll open an excellent bottle to celebrate in DC!!!

Play some Union Station, too. Huh!

Very nifty, Liz. Of course you'll let us know when it's published. I will read with much interest. :)

There's a web site now, where we'll post ongoing updates and information about related publications:


Congrats! You seem to have the hang of these grant proposals.

Congratulations, Liz! This looks like a great project.

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