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I'm going to use this post to aggregate links to some library-related weblogs that I'll be talking about at ALA next weekend. Unlike most of my posts, this one will be regularly edited/updated, rather than static--at least until the conference. This is not intended to be a comprehensive list...for that, try the DMOZ list of LIS Blogs, which had 224 listed at last count. Also, links are in no particular order, at present. (That may change.)

The Shifted Librarian (Jenny Levine)

The ∏ber-librarian of blogaria, Jenny Levine is the only "A-List" librarian blogger I know of. She works for the Suburban Library Service outside of Chicago, and blogs about a variety of library and library-tech topics. (Jessamyn West)

She says she's a "non-librarian" now, but I'm firmly convinced that once you're a librarian, you're always a librarian. "Non-practicing librarian" might be a better description. :) Jessamyn writes about librarianship, though. And she mentions my old LITA friend Karen Schneider in her blog, which makes her okay by me!

Commons-blog (ALA)

From the description: "commons-blog is an American Library Association site collecting news, discussion, and commentary related to the information commons in theory and practice."

The Rogue Librarian (Carrie Bickner)

Assistant Director for Digital Information and System Design at NYPL's Digital Library. Bickner is also active in the web standards arena, working regularly with the infamous Zeldman, and writing for publications ranging from Library Journal to A List Apart.

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I dunno, Liz...this blog seems really hard to read on my machine. Is it me? The links seem to merge into the next line of text. Hell...maybe I am just getting old and my vision is fading.


Nah, I was playing with the CSS for definition list (<dl>) tags, and while the results looked fine on my Mac browsers, they didn't on IE/Win.

Too lazy to look up the appropriate fixes right now, so I removed the changes for now. Will play tomorrow. :)

Hi Liz,

you forgot THE librarian! Ook!
Read the discworld books by Terry Pratchett, especially the ones with a focus on the
Unseen University, where the Librarian has been been transformed into an Orang-Utang, and the Grimoires are chained down to stop the magic escaping from their pages :)

Pterry also has the interesting concept, that all libraries are interconnected via L-Space. I had always thought this was an abbreviation for Library-Space, but it could just as well be Link-Space, as in WWW.

Enjoy the reading!


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