honey, i'm home!


Yes, those of you who've seen me hovering around in AIM--or noticed my recent post to Many-to-Many--have probably surmised correctly that I'm home again.

view.jpgWe had a truly lovely vacation. The Westin Our Lucaya was everything it promised to be. Compare the photo on the left, taken from the balcony of our room the day we arrived, to the one in the previous entry. A good portion of each day was spent sitting out on that balcony, enjoying the view, the sound of the surf, and the breeze off the ocean. (The phrase "Bahama Breeze" makes a lot more sense to me now. There's a constant cooling breeze that makes the heat and humidity much easier to bear, even if you're part polar bear like me.)

We had a really lovely time. Those of you with small children will appreciate how nice it is to have four completely child-free days. Add to that the fact that we brought no cell phones, and no computers, and you've got the recipe for uninterrupted bliss. (We did bring the camera, as evidenced by this entry. But we bough a bigger Flash card so we could store everything 'til we got home.) I did falter once, and briefly check my email on the third day at an internet cafe. But it was so depressing that it took several Goombay Smashes (gold rum, coconut rum, and pineapple juice) to clear my mind again, so I didn't make that mistake again.

So, what did we do? Sat on the beach. Played in the surf. Floated in the pool. Sat on the balcony. (I managed to start--and finish--Cryptonomicon on this trip. If you've seen the book, you know that means I had a lot of time to read.)

In addition to the time spent sitting on the balcony, we wandered around a lot at the Port Lucaya Marketplace, across the street from the hotel. We bought rum there so we could make our own tropical drinks in the room. We ate at a number of restaurants--Fatman's Nephew, Zorba's, Caribbean Caf�--so as to avoid the high prices at the resort. We sat in Count Basie Square and enjoyed the people watching...and, at night, the music.

On our last night, we went on a "Sunset Cruise" on the Bahama Mama. We quickly found out why it's called the "Booze Cruise." We actually had a wonderful time, and I've got a great story to tell about that...but it will have to wait for another blog entry.

So now I'm home--tanned, rested, and with summer vacation just beginning. Expect more blogging, natch. And reading. And swimming. And maybe even some coding. But now...to bed. Parenting calls.


It sounds like a wonderful holiday! You look happy and relaxed in those photos.

So how did you enjoy Cryptonomicon?
Did you spot the weakness in the (otherwise quite strong) Solitaire algorithm?

Just a question from a crypto-geek who liked the book very much. Cryptogeek? Yeah. If you look up "Chiffrierger�te" (German for 'encryption devices') in Google, you'll find my pages right up there at number 1 :) But my Blog is in English :)

I can't comment on your vacation without going green with envy ;)

Stu Savory

I'm glad you had such a wonderful vacation. I'm quite jealous, as it has been raining practically non-stop since I moved back to Maine after graduation. I feel like I'm still in Rochester!

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