happy fa(lls)ther's day

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fallthersday.jpgWe've lived in Rochester for six years now. But until today, we hadn't made the 90-minute trip to Niagara Falls so that Gerald (and the boys) could see our local "wonder of the world."

So today we packed everyone up in the car, and headed east west. It was a glorious day--70s and sunny. Traffic wasn't bad at all, parking was easy to find near the park (the oldest state park in the US...betcha didn't know that!), and we had a wonderful afternoon.

I grew up in Buffalo, so I've been to the falls on many occasions. But as with anything you grow up with, I took it for granted. I hadn't actually been there in at least 15 years, so it was a wonderful trip for me, as well.

So, happy father's day to all the dads out there reading this. Hope you had a great day, as well!

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Did ya go to the Canadian side? The view is MUCH better!! (*grin*)

Isn't it amazing how we neglect that which is closest to us? When I lived in NS, Peggy's Cove was just a pile of rocks. I was amazed that people travelled from around the world to see it.

And here in upstate NY, we have TONS of stuff. Betcha haven't been to the Jello museum.......

Hey, you're doing better on my New Years Resolutions than I am. I am so going to have to check out the Jello museum, if only to catch up.

Thanks — I accept the kind wishes!

I think you headed west. Otherwise, you took one extremely scenic detour. =]

D'oh. Um, yes, west. I knew that. :) Thanks.

Cathy, I did _not_ know about the Jello museum. Will have to check that out this summer!

We didn't go to the Canadian side this time because we didn't want to deal with the traffic on the Rainbow Bridge. Next time--especially if we go on a weekday--we definitely will. You're right that the view is much better. Plus there's that cool tower with the rotating restaurant. :)

And the "fame is inversely proportional to distance from home" adage that applies to people also applies to geography, I think.


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