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For my use more than my readers', here are my plans for the upcoming ALA conference. (Makes more sense to put it in the blog where I can quickly get to it than to put it on my desktop in yet another text file.)

Saturday, 6/21, 9:30am-12:30pm (Sheraton - Essex)
How is federal government information reaching the public in the 21st Century?

Saturday, 6/21, 2-5:30pm (Hilton - Tom Thomson)
Federal Documents Task Force Meeting
U.S. Government Printing Office Update with Sheila McGarr, Tad Downing and others, followed by a Census Bureau briefing from Andrea Sevetson. Also: a progress report from the FDTF work group on Permanent Public Access to Government Information and a final hour of discussion on hot topics of the day, including Canadian partnerships and future FDTF activism.

Sunday, 6/22, 2-5:30pm (Marriott Courtyard - Courtyard A)
Gov't Information Technology Committee
GITCO will discussing ongoing projects such as the Census 2000 Toolbox, the "Tech Watch" column, and e-competencies. There will also be a Census update and discussion of future projects.

Sunday, 6/22, 4-5:30pm (MTCC-801B)
Top Technology Trends: A Conversation with LITA Experts
LITA experts discuss current and future top technology trends Panel moderated by David Ward.

Monday, 6/23, 8:30-10am (MTCC-Auditorium)
Cliff's Notes 2003
Clifford Lynch, Director of the Coalition for Networked Information, will highlight technology and information policy trends and developments from his unique point of view.

Monday, 6/23, 10:30-12 (MARB-Forest Hill BR)
The Library as Electronic Publisher: New Models of Dissemination of Scholarship
Many libraries are involved in digital publicaton projects that will help scholars independently disseminate knowledge. These projects rely on sophisticated software and systems architecture as well as the strategic positioning of libraries in the publication process. This program will describe the technological implementation and management of library scholarly publishing programs and demonstrate the challenges and opportunities of different approaches.


So... ya gonna live-blog the conference at all? Please? I would love to hear about that last one...

Wish I could. I doubt there'll be WiFi, however. If there is, I'll definitely blog. (Or if my Sidekick gets GSM data service while I'm there.)

I may do some "offline" blogging of the sessions, however, and upload when I get back to the hotel.

say hi to Jessamyn of if you see her.

I second Dorothea’s interest in the last. Better yet, find out where theses libraries are and let us know!

Well, gee, AKMA, why'd you think *I* wanted to know? (said with a self-serving grin)

Thanks, Liz. Whatever you tell us we will read with eager eyes.

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