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shareholder.gifSo, all my favorite blogs seem to be top earners in the blogshares market. Hopefully, Shelley's still willing to give me some shares. (Though the "official logo" I'm authorized to show off here on the blog now is probably worth more to me...and the fact that she's still burning is worth even more!)

Jonathon Delacour's quite valuable these days, too, though he's not yet claimed his stock. And my blogeny/prodigy Andy Phelps is quite successful. (Should have bought more shares yesterday, before he was snapped up, and his value rose!)

Still, it's fun to look at my bloshares portfolio and see the people whom I personally value most in the blogosphere. So, if you're on my blogroll, and want to trade some shares, let me know...I'll give you some of mine if you'll give me some of yours. (And that's not an offer I make often!)

I'd love to claim Many-to-Many (and, of course, distribute the shares among the five authors), but since the content management system it uses doesn't ping weblogs.com, and I forgot to do so when we launched, it doesn't know we exist. I tried to post to it last night, but the CMS choked on an HTML entity--é, to be exact--which is a bit of problem since it was part of four of the words in the post. Even that would be okay, if it hadn't then stopped letting me post anything to the blog. *()^%. Made me really, really appreciate MovableType, and how seldom it has ever caused me any problems in trying to publish the information that I want.



I've been trying to get Hylton to do the XML-RPC pings, but no luck so far. In the meantime, you can do the ping manually by going here:


By doing so, I'll get informed that you've updated the site, so I can send my spiders your way... :-)


Dave, thanks.

I was going to ping weblogs.com as soon as I posted a new piece, but the stupid CMS won't *let* me post a new piece. And I feel vaguely guilty pinging it when there's no new content. So I'm waiting to see if Corante can fix it. <sigh>

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