suburban snail hunting

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We live in a pretty typically suburban neighborhood. Lots of houses, trees, lawns, kids, sidewalks, etc. But we're at the southern edge of our southern suburb, and beyond us is a more rural area. As a result, some parts of the neighborhood are bordered by woods and creeks.

Yesterday I took Lane (who just turned 9!) down to the creek because he wanted some snails. Generally, it's hard to take pictures of Lane because he mugs for the camera. But he was so absorbed by his task that I was able to take a number of nice pictures. Here are two of them.

Lane snail hunting 1

Lane snail hunting 2

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Cute Pics!

They have, unfortunately, messed up the formatting of your blog roll on IE6+ WinXP. But fun to see nontheless.

Enjoyed reading about the snail hunt. Your photos add quite a bit to my appreciation of the hunt!

Wow. It is so beautiful. Wildflowers, trees, and gathering snails. What a wonderful moment to capture. Thank you for sharing Lane with us. He makes those of us whose children have grown and gone smile.

Dear Liz:

I wanted to write you, but found no "contact me" info on your blog. Anyway, I saw your site in my referrers log, and thought you were neat.



Grreat pictures, Liz! Thank you.

Thanks for pics, Liz.

And don't forget the garlic...


Here is a great site to help further investigate snails. My kids and I went through all this last week:

Belatedly, thanks for all the nice comments. And thanks in particular for the link to the snail site, Chris!

Very nice pictures. It looks like spring has finally sprung for you in New York. Makes me home sick. I've lived in Arizona for one year now (we moved from Rochester) and it hasn't rained since February here. I really miss the green trees and creeks.

Thanks for sharing Lane with us.


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