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Last night one of our all-time favorite bands, Little Feat, was in town. My husband developed a friendship with their road manager a while back, and then with the band--helping them set up their grassroots support mailing list back before email was king.

Because my sister is getting married this weekend, we've got a flood of friends and family arriving, as well. My stepdaughter got here Thursday--she's part of a younger generation of Feat fans, and because it was her 26th birthday Friday, going to a Feat show was a perfect way to celebrate. I brought the camera, so I've got some photos to share.

Before the show, Gerald took her on the bus to meet the band. Then we positioned ourselves up near the stage, and took in an excellent show. (There were t-shirts distributed a while ago that called them "the best live band on the planet," and I'd have to agree. While I don't listen to their albums much, the live show is a truly extraordinary musical event. And it's always fun to take photos of the band, since one of the things that makes them such a great act is the way they enjoy their playing, and each other.

Erin and Fred Tackett

Erin and Kenny Gradney

The show started with Time Loves a Hero, and included other favorites of mine, like Old Folks Boogie, an extended version of Dixie Chicken (~15 minutes, mixed with pieces of other songs), and Let it Roll.

My stepdaughter and I (and a family friend from Camarillo) positioned ourselves near the bass player's side of the stage, so most of my photos ended up being of Kenny. (No, really, it's a coincidence. I swear. It has nothing to do with Kenny's tendency to flirt with all the women within visual range. Really.)

Kenny Gradney

And since I'm posting photos of the band, I'll include a few from their wonderful concert last year at the Water Street Music Hall, where John Mooney ended up on stage for the Dixie Chicken rendition. Now that was an amazing show.

Paul Barrere and John Mooney

Kenny and Sam

Now it's time to clean the house, since we'll be hosting various wedding-related functions. Not much time for blogging until Monday, I suspect. And then the blog will go dark again for a few days while Gerald and I celebrate our anniversary in the Bahamas. Don't take me off your blogrolls, though...I'll be back, with a lot of stories to tell, in a week or so.


Eh, I dunno Liz, I might have to take you off my blogroll :\

haha, j/k. The concert seems fun. Definitely tell about the family gatherings as I want to know your feelings (considering you - and everyone else - definitely knows mine lol)

Have fun in the Bahamas if I don't talk to you before then. I'm sure you'll enjoy it immensely :) Have a great Saturday!

Little Feat - Mandarin Rob's favorite band. When we landed in Reno (?) the Limo driver had a Little Feat sign and they were at the baggage pickup with us. I quietly whistled "Dixie Chicken" while the bags rolled round and round. At hotel check-in Rob just started talking like he knew them forever and introduced me. A nice flashback.

The pictures are nice, especially the one with the blue lighting and the movie-star looking step-daughter.

Very enjoyable photos and you have exceptional taste in music. Have fun in the Bahamas.

Fat Man In The Bath Tub. I hate when my minds wants to do something my body can't do.... Love those guys. Congrats to the newlyweds. Sounds like a great time!!! See you in California this summer!!! Does Payne stll play keys?

What a small world it is even in cyberspace! I'm just randomly checking out memebers on blogsisters and run across your sight!! First the name 'Little Feat' jumps out at me, and then I realize the woman behind the coffee mug looks familiar... I LOVE Little Feat, may Lowell George RIP...

The world just gets curiouser and curiouser!!

Allan...yup, Billy's still playing the keyboards. If I make it to California this summer I'll tell you some stories about my first Feat concert that include him. :)

And Phoenix, the world always seems to be connected in all the right places. BTW, you need your own blog! Let me know if I can help.

Little Feat happens to be playing right here in Maine tonight. Care to guess where? Thats the Camden Opera House. I am guessing you would have enjoyed seeing them there :-)

Oh, man. Yes, that would be a great venue. Why'd you have to go and *tell* me that? <sigh>

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