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I really wish there were more Rendezvous-enabled games for OS X. There are still plenty of places where I find myself with no WiFi, and when those places also contain friends or colleagues with airport-enabled laptops, a selecton of games would be lovely.

In particular, I'd happily pay for a Scrabble-like game that could be played over a Rendezvous connection rather than an Internet connection. Wonder if that's something that the LazyWeb might help with?


More inventive networked games in general, too. The impact to Doom and its ilk upon game designers seems to have eclipsed the possibility that networked players might want to do anything but blow one another to smithereens. There are a few alternatives, but way too few — it’s another typically American case of chasing the market by cloning the leader, rather than by looking at what the leader hasn’t done.

I haven't tried it, but most TCP/IP games should still work fine. If you join an ad-hoc (Computer-to-Computer) network, your 169.254.x.x Rendezvous IP should find broadcast packets from all other computers on the ad-hoc.

But yes, Rendezvous autodiscovery is a very nice feature, and it will be interesting to see how it is applied in the future.

The problem is most of the tcp/ip games require that you log into a central server, rather than running peer-to-peer. I guess that's what I'm really asking for, is better p2p gaming as opposed to sever-centric gaming.

Sounds like the idea I just read about over here. Kinda, but not really.

How Scrabble-like would it have to be?
Exact clones of other peoepl's gameas are likely to attarct legal action.
A lot of word games are easy to play in chatrooms

Interesting idea though.




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