spring is in the air

The last couple of weeks have been rough. My grandfather passed away, my aunt has had problems recovering from gastric bypass surgery, my younger son was diagnosed with pneumonia only hours after I got on a plane for California, and I've been hopelessly behind in grading, grant revisions, and other responsibilities. The weather in southern California was gray, rainy, and cold while we were there, and the clouds followed us home.

But things seem to be turning around this weekend. Spring is here in all its glory--blooming forsythia, kids racing along the sidewalk, neighbors appearing in their yards after months of hibernation. Alex is healthy again. I'm slowly but surely catching up on my work. I'm even finding time to delight in the wonders of blogaria's writing again.

Today Gerald took the boys to a Rochester Red Wings' baseball game. He called at 1:00pm from the stadium, saying that as they approached the box office, someone offered them three premium box seats. He called again at 1:25, to tell me that Alex had found the winning egg in the easter egg hunt, and would be throwing out the first pitch; they were calling me from the field. Wish I could be there to see his face right now.

Haven't been doing much "professional" blogging recently, but that will be changing soon, I promise. Interesting things brewing on the social software front, some of which is already public, but some of which I'm sworn to (temporary) secrecy on. And while I won't be at ETCON, I'm hoping that blogs and other tools will let me participate vicariously.

Now it's off to the back deck, where the wonders of WiFi will keep me connected while I enjoy the warm breezes and try to get caught up with grading.




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