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No, this isn't a post about politics, departmental or global. It's a much more personal level of accountability. It's about getting my sluggish self back into the gym on a regular basis, after months of lethargy. Last April, when I turned 40, I was in the best shape of my life. And it's been downhill since then. I got out of the habit of going to the gym over the summer, couldn't find a time to hook up with my regular workout partner this year, and have let a thousand excuses bloom.

The good news is, I've only put on about 8.5 pounds since early summer (haven't been on a scale since then). The bad news is that those are all in the places I want them the face and my stomach. And my endurance and strength are way down. So my goal is that by the end of this quarter (11 weeks, if you include exams), I'll be back to feeling good about my physical self again. This isn't about dress sizes, or bikini-preparedness (though that would be nice...)--it's about energy and strength and confidence.

New quarter begins today, and a new routine goes into place along with it. And to keep me honest, I'm putting a "gym update" into my left sidebar. Am working on writing a little bit of scripty goodness in PHP so that that if I don't update it, it shows that I did nothing--and making an easy update form so that if I do make it in to the gym, I can put in the results.

I realize that most of you care about this not at all. But I know that if I'm publicly listing my accomplishments (or lack of them) I'll be more motivated. So ignore it if you're uninterested. Or use it as fodder for scolds or praise when you e-mail.


I started slacking on going to the gym a few weeks ago. So far the effects of my slackness have not caught up with me, but in general the cardio {and weights} help keep stress levels down and energy levels up.

Your script for keeping track of your progress sounds great. Maybe you could throw in some fields for stress and/or energy, too. The weight thing is tricky because while we lose fat when we exercise, sometimes {ideally?} it's replaced with muscle, and the scales don't necessarily reflect that.

Coincindentally, as I write this, the woman living in the apartment next door {an aerobics instructor} must be practicing her routine, because all I hear is same-tempo "thump-thump-thump-thump" music through the wall.

Remember that we've reached the age when the metabolism starts changing. Working out is great, and will get you in better shape, but it may not help you lose weight the way it used to.

Good luck!

Good on you, Liz! I reckon the public accountability thing'll work well - I know it did for me last year when I posted what I'd done on my thesis...

Grandma said (when I was still a teen):
"The weight you will have at 40 will be your minimal weight for the rest of your life"

And she was right, I was never as light again.

Stu Savory (58 now)

Hi Liz again,
Forgot to mention that I just blogged your gym efforts with a pointer to my similar public accountability for dieting (which is in German though, but the page title gets me unexpected hits ;)

PS: Has Lane recovered well from the Appendix OP?

Lane's doing much better, thanks. It's amazing how resilient they are that that age.

As to the "weight at 40" thing, that sounds a lot like self-fulfilling prophecy. Not that I'd mind so much being where I was when I turned 40, but I don't like thinking of myself as locked into anything. (Other than my 4'11" height :-)

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