i got the box right here

I seldom repost items in their entirety, but this is so good...

From Greg Costikyan's blog, which is called "Games * Design * Art * Culture", and should be added to your blogroll immediately.

I GOT THE BOX RIGHT HERE sung to the tune of "I Got the Horse Right Here"
by Greg Costikyan, with apologies to Frank Loesser

I trust in Microsoft, I got a Wintel box,
We've come a long way since the days of DOS.
We got the user base, we got the apps that rate
And all the best games you can play to date.

My box is best, there's no doubt it beats the rest.
It triumphs on every test.
My box is best.

I love my Macintosh, because Jobs's da boss
And ease of use puts it at the top.
Besides it makes the scene because it's tangerine
The chicks all dig it, it's a cool machine.

(Repeat CHORUS)

I code for BSD, because it's free, you see
And open source makes for stability
I email rms, I got his net address
And there ain't no doubt my OS is best.

(Repeat CHORUS)

(Repeat three main verses as a round, ending in CHORUS).

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