through a child's eyes


Yesterday, Lane (my 8-year-old son) brought me a tumbler full of gatorade, and then stood tentatively near the door. "Dad says you might have food poisoning," he said, sounding quite concerned. "That, or a bad virus," I replied.

He stood silent for a moment, then asked "Mom, why would anyone want to poison your food?"

I reassured him quickly by explaining what we meant by "food poisoning," and he left the room looking greatly relieved. It was a good reminder of how literally children take what they hear.


Or he knows something you don't... :) (Don't even get me started on the black helicopters.)

How literally children take what they hear. It's good reminder. Thanks.

The precious moments we remember -

Sweetie, your shoes are on the wrong feet
Looking down he responds "these are MY feets!"

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