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Comments/feedback welcome. Have tested in Mozilla, IE5, and Safari on OS X; IE6 on Win ME.

I'm very fond of the dotted line border that CSS provides, but neither IE/Win nor Safari render it properly--they substitute a dashed line, which is much less aesthetically pleasing. Ah, well. Will think about changing to solid lines.

The rest of the gory details:

  • I used the 3-column CSS layout provided by Blue Robot, and pointed to by Kieran Healy. I modified it a bit to meet my needs. (Smaller columns on both sides, some manipulation of the location of the center column.)
  • I've installed two plug-ins; Brad Choate's Textile, and John Gruber's SmartyPants. I'm still on the fence about SmartyPants, since I understand that it presents some problems for people who copy and paste my text into not-very-smart e-mail clients or editors, but I'm going to live with that for now and see how it goes.
  • I ... um ... "borrowed"... Kieran Healy's drop-down archive menu idea, since it optimizes space well in the sidebar.
  • I moved my blogrolls to the right side of the page, so they'd be more visible/accessible.
  • I modified the main page template so that clicking on comments for an entry takes you to the comments section of the individual archive entry, rather than popping up a javascript window. Now that I'm moblogging (more on that in another entry), it means I can use the link on my non-JS-friendly Sidekick.

[Update: Turns out the relative positioning of the center column is messing up the Sidekick. May need to generate an alternative index page for use with the Sidekick; I think MT can generate two at once.]

There were probably other things I'm forgetting. More additions are coming, including some info on the left sidebar with links to books I'm reading/recommending.

(This is, btw, an excellent way to avoid grading.)

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nice work - I do find the text in the middle column a tad small for comfortable reading.

fwiw, i find the center column of text uncomfortably wide, and too close to the navigation columns on either side. my taste would be for a narrower column of text with more padding space.

i agree with elaine that the type could be bumped up slightly.

Hmmm. The center column is resizable, and so is only wide if your screen is set to a high resolution (which would make the text look smaller, as well).

I think I'll probably change the widths to set widths, which will force those with

On the text size, I think I need to do something like what Joi does in terms of swappable skins. On my (1152 x 768) screen, the 11px Verdana looks just right. But the previous design used the more accessible and larger-on-the-screen CSS "small" size. If I provide selectable skins (something I've been wanting to figure out for a while), that would solve the problem.

Need to decide if it makes more sense to do it all through selectable style sheets, or if I want to create more than one index page through MT. The former would be better for the issues brought up here, but the latter would better address the problems my Sidekick is encountering.

Hrmmmm. Or, as Pooh would say, "think, think, think...".

Need to grade first, complete redesign second.

Many thanks for the feedback.

I like it, very pleasing, but straigten out your picture!

The title "ME" is on top of the words "various...something...topics".
I'm running IE5 but I'm in China with a rubbish monitor running 800*600 so that might explain why the subtitle doesn't fit on one line.
Just a thought.
Otherwise nice though.

love the dots, but the whiteness is a bit glarey

I would never challenge your vast knowledge and developed skills on web design and implementation (you've taught me a great amount that I previously had not been aware of), but I find it to be a bit cluttered personally. I don't think there is enough spacing between things such as the date and the entries, or the menus on the sides from the center column of content (proximity - I remember something!).

As for the dotted/dashed borders (which I also like) - From the work I've done with CSS and viewing other people's sites, I've noticed (at least on PCs) that browsers have a hard time keeping them dotted/dashed. The borders will render as solid lines when scrolling up or down the page.

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