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Lane in the Hospital Here's how you know your child is better. You say "don't press the buttons on the remote so fast, you'll go past the channel." And he says, in an oh-so-exasperated voice, "I know what I'm doing, Mom."

He's definitely on the mend...eating bacon, pancakes, and corn pops for breakfast, washing it down with chocolate milk, and carefully evaluating the quality of the Yu-Gi-Oh cards he received from his dad last night.

The surgeon says he may be able to go home later today if his appetite continues to be good. And we'll both be happy to be out of the hospital, where quality sleep is an impossible dream, and even the delights of a remote-controlled bed and permission to wake your mom up by throwing a shoe at her can't compensate for the comforts of being at home.

Thanks for all the warm wishes we've received, via comments, e-mail and telephone. Your support is greatly appreciated!

(you can click on the photo for a larger version. he's holding a Valentine's "bumble-bear"--half bear, half bumblebee--that I gave him before he went into surgery. he's christened him "Mr. Wonka," for reasons unknown.)


Congratulations and glad to hear everything is OK.

At least he's not calling you Ms. Wonka...

Whoosh! What a relief!

We'll remember you and Gerald in our prayers for continued healing--and we give thanks that you caught this and that the surgery went so smoothly. You take care of yourself, now, too.

Glad that it went smoothly. Coincidentally, I went through the same thing when I was Lane's age...

Ah, he's a cutie (and Mr. Wonka is too). Best to all of you.

Alright. Way to go Lane! Glad to hear it went smooth and easy. Maybe some good poems or writing will come out of this experience, huh?

I'm glad to hear that everything is okay.

FYI Liz,

Mr.Wonka is a (great) character in the Roald Dahl book "Charlie & the chocolate factory".
And I always though academics were widely read ;)

Stu Savory
(currently reading the hilarious "Notes from a small island" :)

all the best for a speedy recovery!

Glad Lane's doing better! The Willie Wonka books are great, by the way.

- Adina

I should clarify, I guess...Lane and I have both read the Dahl books (lots of 'em), so I'm familiar with Willie Wonka from both Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator. The part I was baffled by was the connection between the bumble-bear and Wonka, since I didn't see a lot of resemblance. :-)

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