philadelphia freedom

Well, not really freedom, but it was hard to come up with a catchy title using the word Philadelphia.

This week, the midwinter American Library Association conference will be held in Philly. I really wish I was going. I received my MLS from Michigan in '87, and some of my very closest friends are the people I met during that program, and the friends that I've met through them.

We have a wonderful group of smart, funny, interesting people who meet at every ALA conference for dinner, which invariably involves good wine, great conversation, so much laughter that your sides hurt the next day (along with your head, natch), and memories that last a long, long time.

Can't afford to go this year--we're on a tight budget, which doesn't include airfare to Philly. But I'll be thinking of my friends Saturday night as they dine at Buddakan. And I'll definitely find a way to join them in Toronto this summer.

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