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From Joi Ito's Web:

if you took all of the drunken businessmen in the 75,000 bars and restaurants in Tokyo (I saw this figure many years ago in Time Magazine.) and made them go home and blog, the revolution in Japan might happen much more quickly.

I love this. "Make them go home and blog." Maybe I should suggest this as a solution to internecine academic politics.

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Deja vu. I have been here before, and your site is easy to read, thank you very much. As a low-vision reader a site like yours is a pleasant welcome (we probably already said that?).

I need to read this more carefully. You have information about trackbacks and linking and ...well, we don't even do site stats at Mandarin (you may have noticed when you signed our manual No stats, no counters post.

The manual method is fun. We haven't explored blogrolling or trackbacks yet. We are still in the playground.

We'll be back. Going off to add more links and winks. Have a great day Elizabeth.

Michelle Elizabeth Goodrich

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