what's a mother to do?

Tonight Lane and I had a long talk about the way he's sometimes teased at school. It's hard to be a smart, sensitive kid--he gets pegged as "weird" by kids with a small-sized worldview, and it stings. There's enough he likes about school and his friends that we haven't pushed the homeschooling option (he doesn't want to do it now), but it worries me.

And it worries me even more when I read articles like this one from a Portland newspaper: Slam site an eye-opening look at cruelty of middle-schoolers:

The rumors. The name-calling. The cruelty. The profanity. The threats. The humiliation.

It was all there, right on the computer screen, on what school kids call a secret slam site. Leigh could not believe what she was seeing. "I was appalled," she says. "The first thing I saw was about a girl my son had known in grade school. She was a neat kid, and they were talking about wanting her to be raped and shot. And they used her name."

I can't help but wonder if the kinds of kids who start and post to sites like the one described in this article have the kinds of parents who send nastily worded anonymous letters to their neighbors.

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