more archival kid conversations

This from April 2001, account provided by my mother:

Lane and Alex are sitting in the back of the car: as usual, I can hear much but not all of what they are saying, and I participate in moderation. Just how this conversation began I am not sure.

Lane: I don't believe in religion or evolution. I don't believe in Adam.

Me: You believe in Santa Claus, though.

Lane: Okay, but not in evolution.

Me: Well, you like science and a lot of scientists do believe in evolution. How come you don't?

Lane: Because I am not a monkey!

Alex laughs. I make ineffective attempts at clarification which are ignored.

Lane: Okay, Al, I'll tell you how it was. First there was a pile of mud or something like that. Then a lot of animals came by and each one gave something. Like the bird gave its butt. And maybe the cat gave eyes. And some animal gave a nose, but which one ...

Me: It's hard to think of an animal with a nose that would be right for you, huh?

Alex reaches over to pinch Lane's nose. Lane retaliates. I scold and am ignored. Alex says, "Poopy Lane." Theoretical discussion ends with raucous laughter as boys decide to engage in the verbal experiment of applying to every noun that comes to mind the adjective "poopy." It is clear they have a great future as poets and intellectuals.

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