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Krispy Kreme Hot Now Sign dietvc.gifMust...resist...temptation. Don't want to undo my virtuous treadmill/weights accomplishments of this weekend and this morning. But just thinking about that amazing waterfall of glaze pouring over the doughnuts...<sigh>

So instead I will console myself with a Diet Vanilla Coke. Didn't know this was out until a student told me Friday, at which point I rushed to the grocery store and stocked up big time. I loved Vanilla Coke when it came out, but I just can't bring myself to ingest that much sugar per sip. Didn't know a diet version was coming out, so this was a wonderful surprise. (Image via DiamondBlog.)

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The Onion had a little sidebox way back on August 14 that read "Nation's Economic Recovery Hinging On Success Of Diet Vanilla Coke" (long before it was actually introduced, I think). I guess it's a good thing people like it. ;)

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