kids and santa

As I was cleaning out my e-mail (again), I found this message from my mother, dated August 2000, in which she recounts a conversation between my children (who were then ages 6 and 3.5):

Today in the car Lane and Alex were discussing the reality of Santa Claus (I gather the North Pole has been much on TV news, and they noticed Santa's workshop was not located or photographed). They want to know what I think, but I manage to get away without answering. Lane is holding out for Santa's reality, but Alex thinks grown-ups could dress up like Santa and just get presents from the stores. The presents do look like they come from stores, don't they? Lane claims the stores get them from Santa, but he does not seem convinced by his own argument. Finally he says, Well, I know Santa is real because I *personally* talked with him on the phone. Alex then does a very good Santa imitation, Ho Ho Ho, and Lane joins in. They agree they sound like excellent Santas. And then, they look at each other a little amazed by what they almost figured out.

I think my mom needs a blog. But she says writing publicly like this would make her uneasy. :-(

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