hark! the ad hominen angel sings!

Okay, so maybe angel is a little strong. But it's certainly a theme of his.

Who? Chris Locke, of course. Who has a brand-spanking-new blog, complete with brand name, over at Corante--home of a number of excellent topical blogs.

Of course, by mentioning my admiration for Chris' writing--in the new blog, and the old--I open myself up to accusations that I've joined the cult of personality that has captured the hearts and minds of far too many good women. So be it. The writing's worth it. Really.

From today's column:

Scary. And beautiful. Magnificent, in fact. What we are seeing today on the web -- discounting the plethora of corporate spew -- is the emergence of ourselves as human beings discovering what it means to be human. If you're not doing that, do it. Spook yourself. If you're already spooked, don't quit now. We've only begun to scratch the surface. Why is the net getting so much pushback from the top-down hierarchies of power that freak if they can't control everything. Because it's working, that's why. We're giving ourselves permission to be outlaws

That's all for now. I think I hear da boss massa callin'.

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