chocoholics delight


Spent the afternoon cooking, instead of blogging. Treats for the departmental office workers (and my kids). chocolate truffles, rich cocoa fudge, and my favorite, double chocolate walnut biscotti. All three recipes pass the kid test with flying colors.

The truffles are a big messy to make (much to the kids' delight, of course), and have to be kept refrigerated after they're made. But they're a huge hit with everyone who gets them as a gift. This was our first time out with the fudge, but the taste tests along the way indicate that this will be a favorite in the future. (Despite the overly long time in front of the stove, stirring the mixture and waiting for it to hit the magic 234 degree temperature.)

All in all, it was an excellent way to spend the afternoon and evening.


I am now having visions of you bringing in some of these treats at the end of the quarter to reward the XML class for all the hard work we are putting forth ;-)

Entirely possible. Depends on the quality of the work, of course. :-)

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