round and round and round she goes

Speaking of links going round-and-round...

I followed a few links on the Tara Grubb political weblog trail after reading about her candidacy on Joi Ito's blog, and somehow ended up at an interesting piece on Lots of heated discussion there about the significance (or lack thereof) of a relatively peripheral congressional candidate using a blog as a key communication tool. My favorite line from that debate:

Weblogs are a means of politics as usual. They have, as the Firesign Theater liked to say, "A power so great that it can only be used for good or evil." And you can quote me on that.

But what was really interesting was that when I backed up to the root level of, I found an article about RSS, which in turn led me to Paul Ford's really excellent piece on "the Semantic Web," (which was also a topic on Joi's blog today).

So, it may be a big web, but it seems to keep circling around the same relatively small set of ideas. Or maybe it's just me going in circles. (Very possible, given the large doses of benadryl I'm taking tonight...) Tomorrow I might start building a "map" of my own personal view of blogspace.

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