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Last night, my southern-born husband informed me that after some consideration, he had determined that he had never had a better pecan pie than the one I made for Thanksgiving dinner. Nicest thing anyone's ever said about my cooking. Seriously. I'm feeling like a domestic goddess.


hehehe, I lived in Alabama the first 24 years of my life, and Tennessee for three years after that, and I have never liked pecan pie. But I'm sure yours was great, Liz. :-)

I spoke at a conference last december and at dinner one night we had 20 people at our table. we played a game where everyone had to tell the others their ffavorite dessert, while repeating each oof the others' name and favorite. memory game, but fun and plenty of conversation for the next 3 days of the conference. my favorite? pecan pie -- ala mode... but always pumpkin and apple at my thanksgiving. darn.

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