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My online syllabi are serviceable, but far from stunning. A tad embarassing, really, since I supposedly teach aesthetic as well as information design, and I should be paying more attention to the "user experience" of my students.

There are plenty of business web sites for me to look at for design ideas, but very few well-designed academic sites that I've been able to locate. Anybody out there with suggestions for good examples of online syllabi? Not training classes, but academic classes...with course outlines/schedules, readings, assignments, grading criteria, links to student work, blah blah blah.

I've hit designer's block on this, and need to be pointed towards academic eye-candy to get unstuck. [geez, does that sound like an oxymoron, or what?] I'm not looking for school or department sites, or for professor's personal sites. Just syllabi.

Thanks in advance for any links you can provide.

(suggestions as to functionality, content, and/or bells-and-whistles that you've seen and liked on syllabi are solicited as well)

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Hello Professor Lawley :c)

Searching for beautiful syllabi?
Perhaps I can help - Eric briefed me on what you were interested in doing.

I'm in the process of getting up to date with this table-less design craze and am attempting to perfect my skill. -Buying more CSS books. -Looking for new CSS sites. I have some of the ones you told Eric about in an email.

Recently, I've been working on a project of my own... It will soon be strictly CSS.
( )

Anyhow, you know me - I always have ideas floating here and there. I'd be glad to create for you.

Holler back :cD

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