i am not making this up

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I am literally typing this as I walk on my treadmill--3% incline, 4mph.

Why? Last night, I made a deal with myself. Every day, no blogging (reading or writing) until I've exercised. Given how addicted to this medim I've become, I figured that would be some powerful incentive.

As I was on my way down to the basement this morning to make good on the deal, Gerald (my husband) reminded me that my trusty TiBook can sit right in the magazine rack on my treadmill. "Read while you walk," he said. So I am. Photo of setup to follow after I'm done.

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I reckon they should make dynamos that convert motion-power to computer-power. You know those treadmills that tell you how many watts you're generating? It's criminal not to use it!

How about a spinning-wheel computer, with a simple pedal that you rock your body against? You could get a lovely rhythm going too...

Probably already been done as an art project...

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