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After 18 months of regular and exhilarating exercise (usually accompanied by my brown doppelganger*, boxing partner, and best friend, Elouise), I dropped the ball over the summer. Between mid July and early November, I went from 5x a week at the gym or working out in the basement to 3x, to 1x, to...well...nothing. Blech.

Simultaneously, my mood and energy dropped. I knew getting back to the gym would make me feel better, but I felt too worn out to do it. Rationally, I could see how I was making it worse by not just going, but it was easier to make excuses.

Then today, I was clicking through links and ended up at Halley Suitt's blog. And she's got these inspirational posts about exercising.

So I closed the computer, went down in the basement, got on the treadmill, and walked two miles. Then lifted weights. And I feel good (you knew that I would...).

*that phrase comes from a day when she covered a class for me. we're both 4'11-3/4" tall, both born the same year, but she's very Filipino, while my german/swedish paternal lineage dominates the eastern european blood from my mom's side. she announced to my students that she was my brown doppelganger. few of them got it (no big surprise), but it still makes me laugh.


You box? That's cool. Exercise is good. It's so amazing how you can know how good it is and figure out why not to do it. It really reminds you how much of your logic is just a bunch of "lazy" hormones sloshing around in your head.

My capacity for self-deception seems almost endless sometimes. :-)

Got back on the treadmill again this morning. Woohoo! Might actually be able to get back into a regular routine. Need to put a small piece on the sidebar of the blog tracking whether I'm exercising, so that there's some public accountability. That would probably help to motivate me.

And thanks to reading this I actually went swimming today instead of just thinking that it'd take too long and I wouldn't have time. No I probably didn't write more because of it but I sure feel better :)

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