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This evening, selected faculty from our department will be performing at an informal coffeehouse event. The festivities will be webcast (and, I presume, archived) by our streaming media class, at

Yours truly has precious few talents that she feels would be appropriate to display in front of her students. So she's hopped into the wayback machine, and retrieved her varsity letter jacket and pompoms from her days as a Sweet Home High School Pantherette. (Faithful readers will note that this explains the sudden trip to Buffalo.) The audience will be subjected to a brief monologue on life as a Pantherette (possibly accompanied by inappropriate language and burning of tissue paper flowers), followed by a historically accurate performance of the fight song routine.

Other highlights of the show will include Professor Henderson performing a stand-up routine while dressed in an elephant ballerina costume, and Professor Axelrod reciting original Vogon Poetry.

7:30-9:30pm, eastern standard time.

Don't count on blazingly fast streams, as I fear there may be some contention for resources.




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