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Yes, it's true. Nobody else in the technology world is saying that these days, but we do have a position open in our department here at RIT.

PhD not required, MS (or MA, or MFA...) is. Ability to see IT holistically ("computing in context") important. High tolerance for chaotic environment, eccentric colleagues, and cold winters necessary. Take a look at our courses to get a broad sense of what we teach; take a look at our faculty to see the range of people and backgrounds who teach here. (And no comments about the piss-poor web site, please; I had no hand in its design.)

It is, in fact, an excellent place to work. Rochester is a surprisingly livable city, particularly good if you've got kids--schools are excellent, cost of living is outrageously low (you SoCal types would cry if you knew what I paid for my house), art and culture are pervasive. Excellent wine is within an hour's drive.

And just think how cool it would be to have people introduce you as "the professor."

If you're interested, send me mail. (If you can't find my address without my linking it here, you probably aren't the right person for the job, anyhow.)

ps one more particularly nice perk for those with kids; faculty--and their immediate family members--get free tuition at RIT.




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